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What we do

We at Live Padhai work on individual learning needs, to improve student’s learning in order to reach optimum level. The working strategy of Live Padhai is based on Artificial Intelligence which provides an online platform for Teacher-Student interaction, after recommending courses based on the student’s profile. Live Padhai provides Chapter wise content with a designed content flow, that includes Introduction, Recall/Prerequisite/Pre-Concepts, Real Life Connect, Ways to learn (Activities or experiment) and Knowledge Nuggets/Edge to provide a complete learning experience.

In order to facilitate improvement, we have designed various tools and models to ensure and analyze the progress of every student individually. For instance, we track progress through Progress report with respect to Course name and Chapter name. Further, what makes Live Padhai distinct in the field of Education Technology is that we provide assessments designed in a manner where students can recall previously learned chapters, and the same models are made available to Schools and other Educational Institutions for the purpose of better accessibility to students for effective learning and assessment experience. Our model facilitates Completion Report with respect to the objectives or goals chapter wise.

Services provided by Live Padhai are mentioned below:

  1. Academic Courses from Class 9th - 12th: We provide customized courses of CBSE, ICSE and State Board, with a wide subject range 
  2. Courses for Competitive Exams: We facilitate courses of various competitive examinations such as IIT/JEE, NEET etc.