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There are offline coaching classes, so are so many other websites, so why should I choose Live Padhai?

We are an AI based tutoring platform which focuses on student need analysis, customized learning programme, monitoring of performance through deep learning tools. We use your sign up information to setup a personalized platform for the student. LivePadhai helps students make short term goal which make it easy for them to complete the course within the timeline. LivePadhai uses analytic engines and the short term goals to prepare long terms goals for the students automatically. The analytic engine tracks student’s data and provide them the analysis of their performance based on course and tests.

Live Padhai doesn’t sale any books. We have enough course materials and question banks, hints, videos available with us. Everything you need is right there besides you. You may never need a book.

Joining is entirely free, but to use full functionalities, you will have to subscribe for a package that suits your need.

At this moment we can’t commit anything but do write to us are, we will try to do whatever possible with us.

Tutors receive several judgment metrics on their platform. They get all the information on number of students those attended the live session, their rating on the concluded session. Tutors can also answer the queries and can also judge how their input is helping students perform better at LivePadhai.

LivePadhai uses important data points to build rational models for supporting students on concept understanding, applying those concepts to certain scenarios for lifelong learning. Live Padhai is also working on test taking behaviour to understand skills of each student on problem solving, critical thinking, and facing critical situations. This helps in incredible personality development and personal growth as well.

Students can Sign up at at our official website. Link to our sign up page is :

Please fill the Application for teaching with Live Padhai in order to start the on-boarding process.