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Live launches India's innovative AI learning platform for students

New Delhi, 23rd November 2018 : Live Padhai announces a holistic, predictive and validating, self-learning,AI based module for students for life-long learning. The model’s prime objective is to provide a better learning experience at an individual level to every student.

Live Padhai.comhas launched a holistic learning model with effective learning validation to last a life time for the student community. The concept encompasses three key factors of understanding, remembering and applying of concepts to improve overall knowledge and yet again another three crucial factors of problem solving, critical thinking and dealing with difficulties to enhance skill sets. The process is capsuled into a meticulously integrated process of learning, validation and an on-going improvement methodology.

The model analyses thestudent’s profile by identifying the proficiency, strength and weak areas of the student.The performance is then closely monitored by deciphering theweak areas at the concept level and suggesting corrective measures.

Live Padhai’s unique platform is intended primarily for B2B and B2C users. In B2B Segment, the company offers cloud based SAAS platform for schools, academic institutes andthe corporate world. Through this platform, all stakeholders will achieve better visibility of the performance of both students and teachers.It helps to identify the root cause of non-performance and suggestappropriate methods of improvement.

In B2C category, the company has launchedCBSE based courses for classes 9th to 12thand for IIT-JEE and NEET preparation courses.

Announcing its vision for the future of students in India, Amit Singh, Founder and CEO, Live Padhai says, "We help every student to compete with their own potential and growth. It allows the student to explore their full potential level and perform meritoriously. Our endeavour is to engage and capacitate students to excel.It is all about making learning an interesting and engaging process to empower the future generation. Their growth is our aim.”

Unlike the conventional models of education technology that start-ups focus on such as video learning, test preparation or content approach, Live Padhai’s model is based on effective learning validation with regards to knowledge and skills.

About Live

Live is a new age start-up and an innovative AI learning platform.Itaccomplishes student need analysis, customized learning programme and monitoring of performance through deep learning tools. Through this platform, enhanced learning is backed by timely performance analysis,enabling the student to gaina thorough understandingat ground level. This holistic learning model assists the student to improve performance superlatively.Live Padhai’s AI Models are categorized onKnowledge Base and Skill Base.