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Free Demo Course (Science-X)

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About the Course

This course is based on Science for Grade X and is created for Demo purpose only. In this course, you will get the glance of the concepts along with one test. The session within demo course is to explain how the live session works on the platform.

Stage - I


  • Live sessions
  • Post your Query
  • Chat with enrolled teacher
  • Study Material
  • LP Content
  • Tutor Content
  • Recorded Video Sessions
  • Previous year papers
  • Engage with peers
Stage - II


  • Test as per session/concept
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • - Question analysis>
  • - Difficulty analysis
  • - Speed & Accuracy Analysis
  • - Time consumption goal
  • Overall performance for goals
Stage - III

Continuous Improvement

  • Study Plan & Time investment
  • Recall tests for learning validation
  • Knowledge based improvement
  • Skill based improvement
  • Learning experience development
  • Overall performance for goals


Student Enrolled


Average Rating

Sr Title Start Time Duration Tutor Concepts
1 Free Demo Session Science X 11/30/2018 18:41 10 ankit khare Introduction to Heredity and Evolution Heredity and variations in asexual reproduction Heredity and variations in sexual reproduction Mendel's experiments and laws of inheritance